Hello, my name is Lynne Hunter.  I'm a trained counselor with many years experience.

To be honest I find it difficult to talk about myself.  However, I'm an excellent listener which is an ace skill for a counselor.  I have the rare capacity to listen deeply to others so I hear what lies beneath the words.  

Another great skill I've developed through the years is my unique ability to combine deep compassion and empathy with an analytical and perceptive mind.

These skills enable me to see solutions which may lie hidden to others.  Like all professional counselors I honour confidentiality, respect and dignity.

I believe all have the potential to resolve their own problems, although, at times when a person is going through difficult times, the way might be blinded by strong emotion.

For a limited time I'm offering free 30 minute appointments to those who want help with their relationship difficulties.  If you're one of those please click on the Schedule Appointment button and follow through to make your appointment.

You'll be surprised at how much can be achieved in 30 minutes!  After booking your appointment you will receive a confirmation email and I'll send you a very brief question sheet which I ask you to fill out.  This is to obtain basic information which would otherwise bite into your 30 minutes.

Chat again,


"Lynne is truly a good hearted human being. She is very knowledgeable, she went above and beyond of what I expected and helped me tremendously. The service is unmatched and sets high standards." Augie

We all have a tendency to be selfish once in a while, however others have the capacity to put aside their own needs to satisfy others and Lynne is one of these people.

Lynne has personally helped me through some really tough times, in particular the time when I lost my mum.

She has the ability to reinforce positive thoughts even when you’re at your lowest point.  She has the ability to empower people who have in the past doubted their own abilities.

She is a really rare and special person, caring greatly for the wellbeing of others, which is sadly so uncommon today. 

Lynne has an appreciation for maintaining levels of work ethic; ensuring that she puts in everything she can to ensure the desired outcome is met no matter how long it takes.

She is extremely loyal and trustworthy and her career choice is driven by her passion to help others. - Claire