I am a Relationship Counsellor/Coach who works with people to heal the brokenness in their relationships

I offer a person-centred service based on care, clarity, compassion and rationale.

At Healings and Feelings we're dedicated to helping those living through difficult times.

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TESTIMONIAL We all have a tendency to be selfish once in a while, however others have the capacity to put aside their own needs to satisfy others and Lynne is one of these people. Lynne has personally helped me through some really tough times, in particular the time when I lost my mum. She has the ability to reinforce positive thoughts even when you’re at your lowest point. She has the ability to empower people who have in the past doubted their own abilities. She is a really rare and special person, caring greatly for the wellbeing of others, which is sadly so uncommon today. Lynne has an appreciation for maintaining levels of work ethic; ensuring that she puts in everything she can to ensure the desired outcome is met no matter how long it takes. She is extremely loyal and trustworthy and her career choice is driven by her passion to help others.
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TESTIMONIAL "Lynne is truly a good hearted human being. She is very knowledgeable, she went above and beyond of what I expected and helped me tremendously. The service is unmatched and sets high standards."
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